Hantaran / Seserahan / SangjitSome of the Collection
Dahlia - HantaranStandard boxes, yet favourite of all times
Kenari - HantaranModification Hantaran Boxes. Never get bored! Check other modification Hantaran Boxes such as AKASIA (Treasure Box style), LILY (Book style), and TERATAI (Trapezoid Box style)
Flamboyan - HantaranSleek and Simple
Mawar - HantaranAntique Wooden Box. Check other Wooden Hantaran Boxes such as MELATI (Wooden Tray), ASOKA (Wooden Tray with Stand), and Traditional Anyaman Boxes called CEMARA
Traditional Songket / Batik Hantaran BoxFamous Indonesian Songket, Sarong, Kebaya are only packed as simple as can be to protect its originality, quality and its elegancy.
For The Groom-to-beIn some tradition, it is common to return the respect of groom"s family to yours by doing the same. In Javanese, they"re called Angsul - angsul (as a return of Seserahan)
And a lot more...Hantaran items are not limited and restricted to belongings only. Cakes, Traditional Cakes, Cookies, Fruit, etc accompany.